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I enjoyed the game ! Original with the keboard as the map

Hey there! This is a really lovely take on the Tower Defense genre. Is there anyway I can get an email to talk to you about it?

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Awesome post jam additions!  I especially enjoy the subtle animations as the map of keys appears and the time warp.  A+ for clarity and brevity as far as instructions, UI/UX, and pace (menu and gameplay).  

There's something extra cool about transforming the keyboard we're physically touching into a manipulatable version of itself on screen - meta key points!

I also appreciate the separation of jam v post jam builds.  We'll follow suit.

Thanks, I'm looking forward to seeing how you guys improved your game!

You were featured in the jam video!!!


Yeah, pretty cool! I've just seen the video. Haha he sped up the footage; the fast-forward button was definitely a good addition.

very enjoyable! 9/10

Wow, one of the most enjoying TD i played :D w8 for new levels ;)

A nice little game. The purpose is useful for the competition and for a theme but for general players, I think it's a worthy endeavour. Really good idea!


I played your game and had fun. It took me a second to get what was going on though. (Skip to 6:38)


Yeah the towers aim a head of enemies to account for the time it takes for the bullet to reach them, but this fails if the enemies are about to change direction. I also don't know what you did to my game, but something clearly broke as all levels were unlocked eventhough you had barely completed any of them. Thanks for the video though ;-).

better than my game!!!

As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!!

With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!!


Someone else also made a video, but they sure weren't as good you ;-).


Well you are successful now,
Are we going to see Key Defence 2 !!


I really like how it looks, the fact that i can click the keys solves issues with my keyboard layout. One bug i've seen is that while the enemies are moving i can still activate/deactivate keys (this doesn't change the path at all), is that intentional? :O

Glad you like the look, I like it as well ;-). The answer your question, it's not intentional that you can toggle keys during the simulation part. I must have messed something up last minute, because that wasn't possible in earlier builds of the game. The path is determined when you press start, so luckly it doesn't break the game. I'll fix it in the post-jam version, thanks for letting me know.

Your game looks great! Good job! Every level brings a new mechanic. But it seems to be a little off topic.. I've got only 4 trophies...silly me)

Yeah, the connection to the theme isn't very strong. The lie was about the genre. The lie was that normal tower defence games are strategy games, but this game is a puzzle game. Perhaps it better fits into genre without mechanic. Glad you liked it!

I felt that your game has a lot of potential, are you going to keep working on the Suspects?

I'll try to rework it, make it bigger and easier to understand and publish on Play Market. I would like to add something like "free play" where you can choose number of suspects, number of facts they telling. Implementing a variety of categries such as "Name", "Car color", "Motive"etc.  would be great.Thanks for asking, and what will you do with your game? 

I will fix all of the known issues in the post-jam version and perhaps add a couple more levels. After that I might try the world from keyboard mechanic with different genres. However, I did find the keyboard format to be quite restricting. A game like Chicken Hike offers the developers and the gamers a lot more possibilities.