A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Faultyworks is a Prison Architect rip-off, but intead of a prison you build and manage a factory and the employees are also lazy bastards. There are three types of machines; Bagmaker, Boxinator and Palletinator. Your factory needs a bagmaker and a boxinator, but you can add a palletinator for more profit. Boxes are sold for $ 500 a piece, while pallets (8 boxes) are sold for $ 7,500.

The employees can be happy, angry or smoking. You can keep them happy by having a SmokingCabin near the factory. By clicking the wrench icon in the top right you can micromanage aspects of the factory, like wages and maintenance. Also make  sure you have at least a 4x4 size delivery area for the trucks.

Total development time = 100+ hours

Install instructions

Have a look at the help menu for more tips on the game.


Faultyworks (64-bits) v1.0.zip 20 MB
Faultyworks (Mac) v1.0.zip 19 MB


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the gameplay isnt involving enough , the game basically plays itself   .  also i wish the art style was consistent , either use svg images or photos not both at the same time .