Patchnotes v1.1 [post-jam]

The following changes have been made for the 1.1 update:

  • Added buttons to control the simulation speed (massive pain to add XD).
  • Added bonus level, which is unlocked after getting at least five trophies. The bonus level uses a new keyboard format (numeric keypad). It also adds the slime key, which slows down enemies.
  • Added partical effect when enemies are killed or when they damage your base.
  • Added sfx for when your base takes damage.
  • Fixed bug causing towers to miss when enemies were about to change direction.
  • Fixed bug were you could toggle keys during simulation.
  • Changed the start simulation key to a different colour. Its appearance now also changes to indicate if your path is valid.
  • Small change so that the help menu appears directly on your first playthrough.
  • Plus more minor fixes.


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Sep 15, 2019
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Sep 15, 2019

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