The following changes have been made for the 1.1 update:

  • Added warning that a deer is in the killzone of a hunter (in singleplayer).
  • Added display of overlap killrange with range of the selected deer (in singleplayer).
  • Fixed audio bug that caused most sounds not to play.
  • Added sound for selecting players.
  • Added a counter showing the amount of deer and hunters that are alive.
  • Changed blinking for starvation to two stages (slow orange, followed by faster red blinking).
  • Fixed spelling mistake in the tutorial.
  • Fixed bug that allowed players to display the range of all allies during the tutorial.


Run Deer Run (64-bits) v1.1.zip 19 MB
Apr 12, 2019
Run Deer Run (Mac) v1.1.zip 19 MB
Apr 12, 2019

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