Sounds in the webplayer are a bit soft, turn your volume up when playing in the webplayer.


Run Deer Run is a turn-based strategy game with deer and hunters. The game supports singleplayer as well as multiplayer. Each turn you can move one deer and your opponent can move one hunter. Deer eat the grass on their tile and starve once their tile is bare. While hunters starve if they haven't killed a deer for a certain amount of turns. You can also kill a deer once it is close to starving, so that it can't be killed by a hunter.


The difficulty slider controls the strategy of the computer oppenent for singleplayer. This varies from semi-random on the left to passive in the middle and aggressive on the right. There are also sliders to control the amount of deer and the amount of hunters that are being spawned. Use the spawn lakes toggle to have random lakes in the world and use the tutorial toggle if you want to see the tutorial again.

Total development time: 29 hours


Run Deer Run (64-bits) 19 MB
Run Deer Run (Mac) 19 MB

Development log


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as long as you have two dear, you win

Yeah, the game was difficult to balance. However, there is a difficulty setting in the optionsmenu.

this game would have benefited from some sound effects

Most of the sounds didn't play because of a bug with the audio. I have fixed the bug in the v1.1 update, thanks for letting me know.