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You’re Britain’s first line of defence, when it comes to top secret stuff. As a secret agent working for the Secret Service in the spy era of the 60s. Before each mission you can select the equipment you want to use, choosing from half a dozen unique gadgets and multiple gun types.

The game features one tutorial mission and two normal missions. Each mission can be completed in a stealthy matter or guns blazing. In the first mission you're tasked with extracting an East-German scientist who wants to defect to the west. While in the second mission, you must infiltrate a secret underwase base to gather intel on a new secret weapon (codenamed DUCK). You will unlock one or more gadgets at the end of each mission and the remaining gadgets after completing all of the missions.

  • 3 missions
  • Selectable equipment (3 guns and 6 gadgets)
  • Stealth or guns blazing approach possible
  • 3 enemy types (stationary, patrol, autonomous)
  • Rebindable keys

Total development time: 225 hours

Install instructions

The included manual covers most frequently asked questions and also goes into more detail regarding the various mechanics. Though the tutorial mission also covers the basics.


Secret Service 2D (64-bits) v1.1.zip 58 MB
Secret Service 2D (Mac) v1.1.zip 58 MB
Secret Service 2D_Manual_v1.0.pdf 442 kB
Sound Credits.txt 1 kB

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