v1.1 [post-jam]

The following changes have been made for the 1.1 update:

  • TypeWriterEffect is now twice as fast
  • EqualSigns ('=') appear after placing down a Number, Boolean or Output block (others shouldn't have an EqualSign or shouldn't be place in the first colomn)
  • ErrorSigns ('!') can now be clicked on to see the ErrorMessage
  • ErrorMessages will disappear by clicking on them, clicking on their ErrorSign or by clicking on Simulate
  • Improvements to the ErrorDetection code
  • Bugfixes and improvements with the code for simulating placed blocks
  • You can now use multiple input blocks (but only one output block)
  • Dividing now works
  • Added an easier first level (ouput = true)
  • Added two other additional levels (output = pi & ouput = input^3)
  • Fixed spelling mistake and other small issues


C-101 (64-bits) v1.1.zip [post-jam] 19 MB
Feb 10, 2019
C-101 (Mac) v1.1.zip [post-jam] 19 MB
Feb 10, 2019

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