v1.2 [post-jam]

The following changes have been made for the 1.2 update:

  • Solved issue were the CodeBlocks were incorrectly scaled compared to the grey blocks for the CodeBlocks
  • Fixed bug were letters of buttons on the MainMenu didn't appear because of clicking to fast to the OptionsMenu
  • Simulations are now also incorrect if there are any Errors detected
  • Made it much harder to brute force the game into thinking your code is correct by spamming the SimulateButton
  • Improved code for generating the Inputs and Verified Outputs (so that you don't have to brute force your way to the next level)
  • Added an extra level (output = true, if input == previous input; output = false, if input != previous input)
  • Improvements with the code for simulating placed blocks


C-101 (64-bits) v1.2.zip [post-jam] 19 MB
Feb 14, 2019
C-101 (Mac) v1.2.zip [post-jam] 19 MB
Feb 14, 2019

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