A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

C-101 is a game about programming for dummies, Coding 101 if you will. On the left you will find your instructions for the code and on the right are your coding blocks. There are a total of 5 puzzles, how you achieve the outcome is completely up to you. However due to time constrains I wasn't able to code the while block.

Once you click on simulate the game will simulate the code you have constructed, to see if it produces the desired outcome. Making it actually simulate the code was a giant pain, put I think it was better than checking for each possible solution for each puzzle. Also if you make a mistake, an exclamation mark will appear behind that row. Click on the exclamation mark to get feedback on what is wrong about the placed blocks.

Numbers can be stored in the Number block, while Booleans (true/false) can be stored in the Boolean block. The blocks with constant in the name are hard coded, meaning their values can't change during simulation. If the statement behind the if block is true the row below it is executed, if false this row will be skipped.

After placing an Number, Boolean or Output block in the first colomn, an EqualSign will appear between the first and second column on that row. So if you wish to assign a value to the Number block, put the Number block in the first column and the blocks in the other columns will determine the value that is assigned to it. Same goes for the Boolean block and the Output block. You can use multiple blocks of the same type, however you can only use one Output block.

Total development time: 16 hours of torture + 7 hours [post-jam]

PlatformsWindows, macOS
AuthorMika la Grand
GenrePuzzle, Educational
Made withUnity
Average sessionA few minutes


C-101 (64-bits) v1.2.zip [post-jam] 19 MB
C-101 (64-bits) v1.0.zip 19 MB
C-101 (Mac) v1.2.zip [post-jam] 19 MB
C-101 (Mac) v1.0.zip 19 MB

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its quite confusing 

Hi Karim, I have updated the game. I think it will now be a lot more clear to new player. EqualSigns will appear if you place the correct block in the first colomn. You can also click on the exclamation marks to get feedback on what is wrong about the placed blocks.

got stuck here

I would rather not give away the solution completely, but input to the power of 3 is the same as input * input * input. So you should use the input block multiple times, also the while block doesn't work. This is the last level, so good job on making it to the last level!

The code blocks are scaled separately from the rest, but are supposed to be the same size as the grey blocks. So if you change the scaling or resolution setting of your pc, the blocks will be the same size as the grey blocks.