Patchnotes v1.2 [post-jam]

The following changes have been made for the 1.2 update:

  • Fixed bug that allowed you to infinitely pick up the same coin, because it didn't fade away
  • Fixed the fading bugs with the coins
  • Fixed rare bug in which you don't die in lava
  • Fixed bug with the fan blower moving you up to high in Level End
  • Fixed the camera flickering when moving up/down
  • Fixed bug causing toggle sound to play when opening OptionsMenu if Music was set to off
  • Added Liquid properties to the liquid objects for more realistic physics
  • Player now slowly takes damage in Acid of dying immediately
  • Increased MovementSmoothing of the player
  • Increased the thickness of the CoinBar
  • Added Extra Level Ally?
  • Added Extra Level Leap of Faith
  • Added Extra Level Counterfeit
  • Added Extra Level Final End
  • Fixed bugs caused by adding new interactable objects
  • Extra Levels are now also visible (not interactable) in the LevelsMenu before they are unlocked


Coin Puzzles (64-bits) [post-jam] 20 MB
May 04, 2019
Coin Puzzles (Mac) [post-jam] 37 MB
May 04, 2019

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