You can turn off the music in the optionsmenu.

This is the post-jam build (jam build down below), with small improvements to the experience and bug fixes. Except for the first extra level, all extra levels were added post-jam. All changes are detailed in the patchnotes down below.


Coin Puzzles is a puzzle platformer made for Ludum Dare 44. The theme for this Ludum Dare was "Your life is currency". In the game you control a bag of coins. The amount of coins in the bag influences your movement and interaction with other objects. There are a total of 15 levels.


  • Move and jump using wasd or the arrow keys, if you want you can also jump using the spacebar.
  • Restart a level by pressing r.
  • Toggle buttons when you’re almost full (80% or more).
  • You can go up fan blowers when you're half full (50% or less).
  • You can go down fan blowers when almost full (80% or more).


The in game options are a bit limited, but there is a sound slider and a toggle to turn on/off the music. There is also a slider for Awesomeness which might completely change the game into FPS, but it could also do absolutely nothing at all.

Total development time: 22 hours + 17 hours [post-jam]


Coin Puzzles (64-bits) [post-jam] 20 MB
Coin Puzzles (64-bits) [jam] 20 MB
Coin Puzzles (Mac) [post-jam] 37 MB
Coin Puzzles (Mac) [jam] 37 MB

Development log


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the idea is nice and well realized but there isnt enough feedback for loosing coins specialy since i had to mute the tab this game was running on and burn my speakers just so i dont get ear cancer from this atrocious music  . anyway its inpressive that you managed to make a game at all in that small of a time frame and with the limitations of ludumdare .

Hi Karim, thanks for the feedback. I didn't have a lot of time to make a good music track. Though there was a toggle in the optionsmenu to turn the music off.