N-FOV is a top down shooter with a narrow field of view. There are three different enemy characters: Aggressive, Tactical and Scared. The goal is to kill all the enemies in the level as fast as possible. At the end your score and highscore is displayed. The highscore is calculated based on your performance and your settings.


  • Move using WASD or TFGH
  • Shoot using the left mousebutton
  • Reload with the right mousebutton or the spacebar (you can't fire or change weapon while reloading)
  • Change weapon using the scrollwheel or the numbers 1-4
  • Press R at any time to restart the level


The difficulty slider controls the ratio between the three character types of the enemies. Realism influences the intelligence of the enemies and your own intelligence. Oneliners are turned off by default, but turn them on if your a total badass. With limited control enabled, the player moves to the position you're firing at instead of with the traditional move keys. The most difficult set-up is difficulty and realism to the right, FOV to the left, Auto reload off, Auto equip off and limited control on.

Total development time: 60 hours


N-FOV (WebGL) 5 MB
N-FOV (64-bits) 15 MB
N-FOV (Mac) 15 MB

Development log


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I can really see potential with this. I love the suspense of not knowing where your enemies are. Great work :D

Great video, glad you liked the game and thank you the feedback. I forgot to mention that you can't fire when a gun is reloading. That's why the gun didn't fire at 2:45.